2010-10-01 12:16:59 by BansheeIndian

I can't stop playing Minecraft....wtf is wrong with me? Good god....I haven't spent this much time on videogames since like highschool....


2010-09-25 04:20:02 by BansheeIndian

just finished post production on my first feature length film, I was Associate producer/prop master/special effects/color timing . Movie looks fucking great and I can't wait to see what the Sundance screening folks think of it, I honestly believe it has a good chance.

"Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon" is done!

well thats disappointing

2010-09-21 15:00:38 by BansheeIndian

my entry didn't even get runner up for the 2011 calendar contest, I really thought I had a good chance.

I can't say I'm not very disappointed, don't want to bitch too much but it's hard not to.

anyways most of the ones that got picked are really awesome, there's a couple that I'm kind of shocked at. no offense to anyone but...well nevermind...

congrats to everyone that won

you mother fuckers....


2010-09-16 00:23:52 by BansheeIndian

i mangled my right hand in a machine shop accident today and wont be able to draw for a few weeks...18 stitches, but no nerve damage and no chipped bones im pretty lucky honestly


2010-09-05 14:37:52 by BansheeIndian

hooray my calendar submission got frontpaged, thanks to everyone that voted it up and wrote me a review!

I really appreciate all the kind words, especially from such a talented group of people!

So I'm working on my Calendar Submission, I'll probably finish it tonight at some point I've got about 6+ hours in it already so hopefully I'll get picked.

I know it's not HUGELY imaginative but I'm doing a castle crashers drawing, and if you've seen my ninja turtles drawing you sort of know what to expect already.

Making a game

2010-08-27 11:00:10 by BansheeIndian

So I really want to make a game and I have some ideas that I think are pretty good, and I have a reasonable amount of coding knowledge (I made a decent platformer engine one semester), and I know I can handle the graphics.

But how do you get started? I mean I've just been out of the work flow for awhile, been focusing on special effects and machining and digital paint, it's been a long time since I've programmed anything.

When I think about the metric shit ton of work that I'm going to have to do to get this game out of my head and into my car (or pc, whatever) it seems really daunting. Wish I could split the workload up but none of my friends have any type of skill set.

Oh well, one step at a time I suppose. Having these kinds of problems is a pretty great feeling.

If anyone who has programming experience wants to help out, even if it's just with the "theory" aspects of the game I'd greatly appreciate it.


2010-08-24 00:08:33 by BansheeIndian

ugh so i took a huge haitus from newgrounds and everything else so that I could move and get my life sorted out. Just got done doing some special effects for an independent film that's coming out later this year, and I'm programming a new RPG engine, because that's how I relax I guess...

So I'm doing my best to move from being an "art" guy to a programming guy and its alot of fucking fun. But it's also really frustrating, I'm pretty much having to teach myself because (and I dont blame them) no one wants to take the time out to help me out occasionally. My teacher is a decent guy and all but he's really content with bullshit work arounds and not really doing things the proper way, or so it would seem.

Ah well, you can't win 'em all. I just dont want to have a crappy game with decent graphics, I'd rather have a fun game with crappy graphics...well thats not true I'd rather have the best game ever with the best graphics ever but you can't always get what you want I suppose.

Anyways so thats my rant, I dont think anyone will even read this that's probably for the best