Entry #9


2010-10-01 12:16:59 by BansheeIndian

I can't stop playing Minecraft....wtf is wrong with me? Good god....I haven't spent this much time on videogames since like highschool....


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2010-11-19 22:34:04

One day all will see that these moments will always find true in peoples hearts.... the invention of the videogame cousel just like many extravagent things before it held a giant awwww on our coultre... when the children of these eras grow deplictions of these games will always remind them of a time of wonder and amazment.... of possibly the greatest moments in the creation of imagination... belive u me... u r on to something and it will be worth not just your wile to proclame but to give your talents to the rest of the world and leave a lasting mark on how you can see what we felt.

i am spent... thank u again for the memories. please keep in touch i would love to higher u to do a memorie for me..

nice pic ;)


2011-06-16 02:24:03

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